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Welcome to!  This site’s main purpose is to provide information for bikers looking to attend the semiannual ‘Busa Bash’ at the famous Tail of the Dragon in Robbinsville, NC.  Check out the menu links for information on dates, lodging, routes and everything you need to have a fun, relaxing getaway in the beautiful Smokey Mountains!  Just a note: this is not specifically for Hayabusa owners.  Any bike will do!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are happy to announce that the BASH IS BACK!  September 24th – 28th.  Jason Krueger will be playing again and we will be providing dinners Friday and Saturday nights along with a custom t-shirt.  It’s still only $50.00!  Book your room now and we will see you in the fall.

We will have a table set up under a tent starting Wednesday for everyone to check in, get their wristbands and T-shirts.  We will have raffle tickets that will be handed out on Saturday after dinner.  You must have a wrist band to get a raffle ticket.  See you guys and gals there!

OK, here is how it will go down.  The only PLANNED ride will happen on Saturday, May 10th.  We would like EVERYONE to join us for a trip to Fontana Dam to take a group photo.  This will probably take up to an hour and it takes a little bit of coordination to get all of the bikes lined up and people in place.  From there, we will split up into groups of 10 or so bikes and travel up Hellbender to the CROT.  We should be hungry by then so we will eat, cool off, and check out the stores.  After that, we head up the Tail of the Dragon.  We will all stop at the Overlook for more photos, sight seeing etc.  After this, we continue up 129 to 411, turn left and head to route 72.  Take another left and continue to and through the Cherahola Skyway.  This should put us all back in Robbinsville around 4:00 p.m.  Dinner will be served at 5:30 both Friday and Saturday evenings and Jason Krueger will be performing shortly after until about 10:00.  Saturday night we will hold the raffle after dinner.  See you all there!

Can you believe after all this anticipation the Hayabusa Bash is here NEXT WEEK!  You would not believe how excited we are to meet, ride, and party with all of our new and old friends!  Next Wednesday is when it all starts.  The Mayor is closing down the street and we have full access to all that is the Phillips Motel compound.  Jason Krueger will be there rocking the joint.  Friday night we will have the pleasure of hosting his premier Video Release!  Saturday we will have our photo shoot at the Fontana Dam.  From there we will travel Hellbender to the Tail of the Dragon and come back across the Cherahola Skyway.  Saturday night we will raffle off all of the fantastic items that our awesome sponsors have provided for YOU!  This is all just so incredible and I can’t believe its finally happening.  See you all next week!

Alright everyone we are just 16 days away from the Spring ’14 Hayabusa Bash and I hope you’re as excited as we are!!  Here is what we have going on so far…

LODGING: The place where it all goes down, Phillips Motel, currently has 4 units available so if you haven’t made reservations I would do so soon!  If you are too late or choose to stay elsewhere, there are plenty of other nearby options HERE.  Note: Lodging is not included in the event package.

FOOD: There will be a buffet style dinner on Friday and Saturday night at Phillips Motel provided by Lynn’s Place Restaurant. Remember they do not sell alcohol in this county so come prepared!  If you do forget, I’m sure there will be enough Coors Light to go around…that moonshine might be gone fast though…

MUSIC: We were lucky enough to book Jason Krueger for the weekend! It wasn’t easy him getting him to come down here from Syracuse, NY but he knew he couldn’t pass up a good time! His music is “Northern Outlaw Country Acoustic Rock with a little funny thrown in! Sounds like Kid Rock, Jason Aldean, Bon Jovi.” I hope you all have a sense of humor!! :)

RIDING: Loomis has mapped out some good routes to take assuming the weather cooperates.  Every day there will guided group rides led by experienced riders.  They typically head out around 9am and are gone for about half of the day, stopping somewhere in between for lunch.  You do not have to be registered to participate in this! Here are some routes that will be considered, it would be a good idea to print them out!  Also, there will be a rider’s safety meeting Friday before going out to make sure everyone is on the same page for group riding.  Safety is always a number one priority.

GIVEAWAYS: Every person who is registered will be entered in the giveaway drawings.  We currently have 7 sponsors who are providing us with merchandise to raffle off and I might be a little surprised if anyone goes home empty handed. The odds are in your favor! :) It would be much appreciated if you took some time to visit/like their pages to thank them for their support.  You can click on their images on this page.

MISCELLANEOUS: Again, the fee is only $50 to register which includes two dinners, a t-shirt, free giveaways and maybe even a printed out group photo! :)

Danielle will be taking pictures most of the weekend including group photos and we will pick one or two times to get some action shots on the dragon.  Many photos will be posted on the website and if you want all of them you can purchase a CD at a low price.  You can check out her page at .

Miss Reba has agreed to shut down the street for Friday and Saturday so there shouldn’t be any unwanted interruptions! Bring on the creepers! The ones with wheels that is…

We are taking our little boy so if you have small children there will always be someone there to watch them.  If you want to go ride, do not hesitate to ask one of us who is staying back to play with the kiddos.


I think that is it for now, here is an updated flyer you can print out and hand out.  Spread the word it’s coming up quick!






Hi everybody, it’s a beautiful weekend here in South Carolina!  Can’t wait to get a ride in tomorrow!  Anyway, I’ve come across a page here, if you haven’t visited it yet and have not made reservations for the Spring Bash ’14, I would give it a quick glance to see if you can save some money wherever you stay!  Again, the main event will be at the Phillip’s Motel in Robbinsville, NC but all these places are pretty close in case Phillip’s is booked or if you would like to stay somewhere more quiet (don’t worry we won’t be offended!)  Several lodging facilities offer a discount if you stay 3 or more nights and also for those who serve(d) in the military, so make sure you ask about discounts no matter where you are staying, it can’t hurt right?!  Click HERE to check out some of the discounts around Tail of the Dragon and don’t be afraid to browse around the site, they have a lot of useful information, especially if this is your first time!  We hope you’re as excited as we are! Countdown: 2 months, 1 week until the Hayabusa Bash of Spring ’14!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our first couple of sponsors.  I-SHOC and BusaTunes have joined us in accelerating this exciting event! Please take a moment, if you have not yet, to check out their pages and see what they’re all about!  Just click their sponsor image above!  And don’t forget to REGISTER for the bash!! DEADLINE IS APRIL 15, 2014.


Since our last update we have added Suzuki, Cycle Specialties, Brock’s Performance, and Joe Rocket.  Awesome additions to our growing family.  See you guys in May!